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Protecting Against Business Data Breach Threats

Data breaches are a growing concern for businesses and individuals alike. A data breach is when unauthorized access to your systems results in the loss of confidential information. Data breaches can have serious consequences, including financial losses, lawsuits, and fines from regulatory agencies. At Storage Whale, we’re here to help limit or prevent these risks […]

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Avoiding Risks of Cloud Overload in Business Settings

While numerous businesses were already completely or largely reliant on cloud storage prior to it, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this process for any entities that weren’t in on the cloud just yet. As numerous employees across the country transitioned to working from home, companies needed robust cloud storage and data access solutions that would allow […]

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Fight Identity Theft with Cloud Storage

Identity theft is a huge problem in the U.S., and it has only gotten worse during the pandemic. Audacious thieves are spending their time in quarantine fraudulently applying for unemployment on others’ behalfs, co-opting tax refunds and wreaking havoc with credit histories and bank accounts. How can you protect yourself from identity theft? With cloud […]

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