Protecting Against Business Data Breach Threats

Data breaches are a growing concern for businesses and individuals alike. A data breach is when unauthorized access to your systems results in the loss of confidential information. Data breaches can have serious consequences, including financial losses, lawsuits, and fines from regulatory agencies. At Storage Whale, we’re here to help limit or prevent these risks

Value of Cloud Data Storage to School Districts

While we wish it were not the case, one particular area where major increases in ransomware and cybersecurity attacks have been seen in recent years is for various K-12 schools and school districts. Due to how much more frequent these attacks are, it’s become even more important for school districts to protect themselves — and

Essential Components in a Data Backup Strategy

Few elements of a business are more valuable and worth protecting than its data and files, and this is the basis of the data backup and cloud storage world. A strong data backup strategy, plus all the required technological elements to carry it out, will not only significantly lower your risk of any kind of

Avoiding Risks of Cloud Overload in Business Settings

While numerous businesses were already completely or largely reliant on cloud storage prior to it, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this process for any entities that weren’t in on the cloud just yet. As numerous employees across the country transitioned to working from home, companies needed robust cloud storage and data access solutions that would allow

Important Concepts in the 3-2-1 Data Storage Approach

There are many concepts or approaches that have naturally changed over the years when it comes to data storage and backups, but also some that have remained somewhat constant. An example of the latter here, one that remains viable in many settings even as the data backup world changes around it, is known as the

Important Cloud Storage and Data Backup Terminology

For those who are new to the world of cloud storage and data backups, there might be a few terms or services that are somewhat unfamiliar. Cloud computing and data backups are recent developments in technology, relatively speaking, and this naturally leads to some terminology that might confuse people who are new to it –

Comparing Cloud and Local Storage Formats

For those who need to store their data for a variety of personal or business needs, modern technology has split the data storage world into two broad bins: Local storage and cloud storage. While the latter is much newer than the former, it’s already grown to the point where many individuals and businesses prefer it

Understanding Ransomware and Data Backup Solutions

At Storage Whale, one of the single most common and vital buzzwords in our day-to-day operations is security. Our cloud storage and backup services are respected and utilized by numerous individuals and businesses for a few major reasons, and one of these is our ability to keep your data stored in safe, secure ways that

Data Backup Vs. Disaster Recovery for Businesses

For any business, the long-term protection of data and files is critical to basic operation and success. There are numerous areas to consider when it comes to data security, and two that are closely related – but not the same – are data backup and disaster recovery themes. At Storage Whale, we’re proud to serve

Fight Identity Theft with Cloud Storage

Identity theft is a huge problem in the U.S., and it has only gotten worse during the pandemic. Audacious thieves are spending their time in quarantine fraudulently applying for unemployment on others’ behalfs, co-opting tax refunds and wreaking havoc with credit histories and bank accounts. How can you protect yourself from identity theft? With cloud

Why Mac’s Time Machine & iCloud Are Not Enough Backup Protection

If you own a Mac, you probably are aware of the “Time Machine” and iCloud backup applications. While these apps can provide your computer with some great protection for backing up and restoring files, they are not a 100% foolproof solution for protecting you against data loss. In this blog we’ll review what they do,

The Most Common Ways People Lose Computer Files

Lost computer files are extremely frustrating, especially now that so much of our lives is contained in the computer—your work, your family photos, your personal documents. When it happens it can be financially and emotionally devastating if you don’t have everything backed up to a secure place in the cloud. There are a lot of

Why Cloud-Based Data Backup is Better than Local Backup

You have no doubt heard that it is important to back up your data. One question that often comes up is exactly which way is the best. There are traditional options for backing up data that include local backups on your computer, an external hard drive, or a server at your business. There are also

A Quick Guide to Ransomware and the Risks it Poses to Your Data

The amount of data out in the world today has dramatically increased. Even individuals today create a high volume of data that must be stored somewhere, and the place most people choose to store it is right on your computer. The challenge with storing everything on your PC is that leaves you vulnerable to a

4 Important Stats to Understand About Data Loss

Data loss is one of the biggest concerns for many businesses and individuals today. We store much of our work and personal lives on computers and servers, which is amazing because it allows us to keep a huge amount of information in a single place. It’s also pretty dangerous, because if something happens to that

Don’t Lose Your Holiday Memories! Back Them Up with Cloud Storage

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and a time when many of us will be taking plenty of pictures and videos to keep as cherished memories for years to come. But what will happen to those memories after the holidays? For many people, they will remain stored on your device—a phone or a computer—and

Common Behaviors That Can Put Your Data at High Risk for Hackers

Hacking and data security is an issue for everyone—from the largest corporations to individuals—but there are some things that you might be doing that can put you at higher risk for a breach. When that happens, you could easily lose all your files or be in a position where a hacker is demanding a ransom

Why Online Data Backups are Essential for WFH Employees

If you’re one of the millions who went from working regularly in an office to working primarily from home this year, it’s been a year with a lot of change and uncertainty. While a lot of people have focused on things like figuring out how to get a new home office set up or how

Data Backups and Natural Disasters: Why Now is the Time to Prepare

The year 2020 has impacted our world in immeasurable ways, and not just because of the global pandemic that forced everyone inside for months and disrupted basically every aspect of our “normal” life. It’s also been a year when there have been a string of record-breaking natural disasters: Hurricanes – the Atlantic hurricane season is

Scary Facts About Data Loss You Shouldn’t Ignore

Cybersecurity is one of the most rapidly growing industries, and for good reason. A significant part of our business and personal lives now resides on small devices like laptops and smartphones. Losing this data to hackers, natural disasters, and even human error can be devastating to your business or your personal life. Even if you’re

3 Threats to Your Data that Cloud Storage Can Protect Against

If you ask an IT manager what their biggest fear is, they will probably give you an answer along the lines of having data stolen or damaged or not being able to recover important files. Unfortunately not everyone pays as much attention to the security of their data as someone who works in IT (and

Give Peace of Mind this Holiday Season

There are a lot of potential gifts that you can give, but if 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that life can be unpredictable. Why not give the people on your list something that adds to their peace of mind this holiday season? The good news is that we’ve got just the thing: online

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Data Backups

Online data backups have become more popular as both companies and individuals learn about how well they can protect your important files—from corporate documents and client files to personal photos and videos. However, a lot of people still have questions about exactly what online data storage is, and how it can benefit you. Here are

3 Reasons to Ditch Hard Drives for Storing Important Files

In 2018 a survey revealed that only 6% of U.S. adults backup their computer files every day, while 24% say they never do. Most people don’t back up their files as often as they should, and if you’re one of the millions who only backs up your files once a month (or once a year)

4 Options to Backup Your Personal Data

Twenty years ago people would have given you a confused look if you asked how they were protecting their personal data. But in today’s world of personal computer, tablets, mobile phones, and more, we have a lot of data that we store on hard drives and in files. If you’re not backing up that data,

What Puts Your Data at Risk?

People who work in the world of data know how precarious it can be. One accidental file deletion or unpredictable natural disaster can quickly erase years of data from a single server storage location or device. In today’s fast-paced business environment, data protection is more critical than ever. Here are some of the most common

A Look at the World of Data Today

Data has become an integral part of our everyday lives, and not just for businesses; individuals are part of the equation too. Everyone produces and stores an incredible amount of data on computers and servers all over the world, and the volume of data grows by the day. Here’s a quick look at how data

Questions to Ask Your Cloud Storage Provider

Whether you’re new to the cloud storage game or you are just wondering whether your current cloud storage provider is giving you the best service and best prices, here are a few questions everyone should ask to identify how secure your files are, and spot any red flags that could put your data at risk.

Things You Should Know About Data Security and Cloud Storage

Most likely you have heard the term “cloud storage” but you may not be aware of just how beneficial it can be for individuals and companies that want to back up their data. Check out these things you should know about cloud storage if you’re thinking about signing up for a service. Cloud Storage Protects

How Much Cloud Storage is Enough?

When you start shopping for online cloud storage solutions, one of the first things you will probably notice is how many different offerings are out there in terms of data storage. But how much data can be stored on a 1 TB plan? Will you run out quickly and need to pay for more immediately?