Why Mac’s Time Machine & iCloud Are Not Enough Backup Protection

If you own a Mac, you probably are aware of the “Time Machine” and iCloud backup applications. While these apps can provide your computer with some great protection for backing up and restoring files, they are not a 100% foolproof solution for protecting you against data loss. In this blog we’ll review what they do, and where there are gaps that you need to be aware of to ensure that your most important files are still protected in case something happens.

Mac’s Time Machine and iCloud backups might not be enough for your data storage solutions.

What is Time Machine?

As its name suggests, the Mac Time Machine feature allows you to essentially go back in time to retrieve files and information from your computer if something happens that destroys or deletes those files. For example, if your computer is damaged when you drop it in the lake, you can theoretically use Time Machine to retrieve all the files and applications that you would otherwise lose. The downside to Time Machine is that—like many built-in backup options—you have to manually back it up to an external drive. You can set it up to run automatically after manually initiating the backup the first time, but the external device must be available via AirDrop or plugged in at all times.

What is iCloud?

The iCloud feature is also available on Macs, and allows you to automatically store items in the cloud from your computer. It will be accessible using your Apple ID when you log into another device. There are two downsides to iCloud: cost and storage limitations. Apple users get 5GB of storage free (which doesn’t get you very far), and costs go up from there. There are also limitations, so you can get a maximum of 2TB of storage. It might sound like a lot, but if you’re storing a lot of digital family photos and videos or large graphics-heavy files for work, you can use that up very quickly.

A Better Solution

While iCloud and Time Machine are useful features for some things, a better solution is to get an unlimited cloud-based backup for your most important files. Storage Whale offers unlimited data storage for a fraction of the cost of the iCloud plan, and you never have to worry about running out. It also backs up automatically so you never have to remember to backup those files or worry about whether you remembered to do it recently if and when something happens. To learn more about the Storage Whale benefits, check out our website and try it 15 days for free.