3 Reasons to Ditch Hard Drives for Storing Important Files

In 2018 a survey revealed that only 6% of U.S. adults backup their computer files every day, while 24% say they never do. Most people don’t back up their files as often as they should, and if you’re one of the millions who only backs up your files once a month (or once a year) to a hard drive, you could be in for a massive disruption if you ever have a data disaster. The thing is that today it’s basically inevitable that you will have something happen that puts your data at risk. Whether it’s a computer crash, a hacker, ransomware, or some type of disaster, your data is really not ever secure. When that happens, everything you have been working on and everything you have saved over the years—those digital photos, videos, memories—can disappear in an instant.

If you’re still using hard drives to store your files, that can be as risky as not backing up your files at all. Here are three reasons to ditch those external drives and switch to cloud-based data storage.

Data backup to a hard drive or USB is inefficient. Ditch that method for cloud-based storage.

Reason #1: Hard drives can fail too

Just like your computer can fail and cause you to lose all your data, a hard drive you use for a backup can also fail. You may not even realize it for a while, especially if you don’t try to back up your files often, but external storage drives, USBs, and even SSDs are not fail-safe guarantees for your data.

Cloud-based storage is a better alternative because it’s a secure way to store all your files with multiple redundancies built in. If one part of the server goes down, there are others to back it up. If one server facility is damaged by a natural disaster, there’s a redundant copy of your files in another location. It’s much more secure and offers more peace of mind that hard drives.

Reason #2: Hard drives have limited storage space

We all know the frustration of trying to back up a specific file or folder to your USB or external hard drive only to find out that there’s not enough room. Now you have to choose whether you want to delete other files to preserve the ones you’re trying to save today. This is especially true if you try to store a lot of large files like family photos and home videos.

Cloud-based storage offers unlimited storage space for all your most important and precious files. No more trying to juggle between multiple USB sticks or figure out which files are more important than others. You can keep it all with a cloud-based storage subscription from Storage Whale. We also offer truly unlimited storage, unlike some others that have tiered subscription plans when you have more data.

Reason #3: You don’t have to remember to do it

With hard drive storage, you have to manually take the time to back up your data to the external drive. That means remembering to back it up and taking time out of your day to make sure it gets done without any errors, without running out of space, or without and mishaps along the way. Depending on how much data you have, that could take hours, which is why so many people avoid it as much as possible. Cloud-based storage can be set up to automatically back up your most important files automatically. You’ll never have to think about it again.

Check out Storage Whale today to find out how easy and affordable a cloud-based storage solution is and ditch your hard drive storage once and for all.