Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud Storage

By now you have probably heard about “cloud storage” and even if you’ve never used it before, you probably know that it’s a form of storing data in a highly secure, remote system that you can access online from anywhere. But you may still have a few questions about it, so here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about cloud storage.

Q: What are the benefits of cloud storage over servers at our business?

A: The biggest benefit that cloud storage offers is the ability to store vast amounts of data without physical servers. This leads to lower overhead costs because you’re not paying to house your own servers, increased storage capacity, and a more secure form of data management.

Q: How do I know which cloud storage solution is right for my business?

A: Every business is different, but for most companies the decision of what kind of cloud storage solutions you need comes down to your data storage requirements and your budget. As you are researching all the available options, make sure to check with the company to find out how much they charge for data backups, whether they offer unlimited data storage plans, how secure their servers are, and what types of access you need.

Q: How secure is cloud storage?

A: As with any data storage, the cloud can be hacked, but the specific level of risk really depends on the company you choose. Do your research to make sure the company you select for cloud storage has proper security protocols and high-level encryption to protect against hacking. It’s also important to implement cybersecurity protocols and best practices at your company, including requiring secure passwords and having employees with cloud access change them regularly, as well as having a system to monitor cloud-linked systems.

Q: Is data stored in the cloud backed up?

A: A good cloud storage provider will have its own security and data recovery protocols in place to protect your information, and since even cloud data storage facilities are susceptible to things like natural disasters, it’s important to find out if they have dual backup, meaning they back up your files in two separate physical locations. This adds an extra layer of protection to ensure you don’t lose your data.

Q: Will cloud storage save me money?

A: Most likely, since it can be very costly to maintain your own servers for all the data your business needs. Every server requires regular maintenance and upkeep, a place to house it, temperature controls to keep it from overheating, and an IT team to monitor the network for security. In addition you’ll need a second location to protect against natural disasters and other risks. In almost every case, it’s less expensive to choose a cloud storage solution than try to do it on your own.

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