Why Cloud Storage Isn’t Just for Big Businesses

The buzz around cloud storage solutions is not just something that large businesses should be paying attention to—cloud storage can benefit small- and medium-size businesses, as well as individuals who need better options for storing and managing data. Here are just a few of the reasons you should be thinking about cloud storage.

Eliminate Costly Physical Servers

If you’re still purchasing your own physical servers to store data, paying to house and maintain those servers (including salaries for extra IT team members), then cloud storage is definitely something you need. For most businesses, especially small businesses, the cost savings can be dramatic when you switch to the cloud. Plus you can let your IT department get back to all the other core functions they were doing before they had to maintain servers, so they won’t feel stretched so thin.

Protect Your Data

One of the biggest reasons companies are looking at cloud storage is the ability to get better protection from multiple threats to your data, including security from hackers, and protection from data loss related to natural disasters that can befall your physical storage server location, such as fire, theft, or flooding. If you don’t have a plan in place to protect your business from data loss, you could be one of the 94% of companies that don’t survive more than two years after a major data loss.

Automate Your Data Backups

When you choose the right cloud storage provider, you will also get the benefits of automated data backups, which can save a huge amount of time for your employees. In addition, you don’t have to worry about employees forgetting to perform their own regular backups, or overwriting important files, and you have data loss even when you thought you had taken all the right steps to protect from it.

Be Ready for Growth

Another great benefit of cloud storage for small businesses is the ability to scale up quickly, without requiring a significant capital expenditure to purchase more data storage. That means you will be able to take on that new client without waiting for a bank loan or cash infusion. You can also scale down if needed, which is great for small businesses that may have seasonal or periodic ups and downs in data storage needs.

Work from Anywhere

Many small businesses today don’t follow the traditional “9 to 5” model, so whether you have remote employees scattered all over the globe, or just prefer to be able to work flexibly from your home or office, cloud storage is a great option.

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